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 Be Happy & healthy and feel free! 
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 Self sabotaging behaviours, which are driven by guilt and regret, 


 Self medicating or taking prescribed medication to dull the pain of these uncomfortable feelings, 


You feel embarrassed to ask for support, feeling ashamed 
that you aren’t coping,


You are struggling and don’t know which way to turn,

 You feel stuck and unable to help yourself,

You don't have the tools to change how you think and feel,


You really want to make change and feel better,  


You are ready to do what it takes to change,


You know you can't do it on your own!

 Now is the right time to talk to someone who can help!
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"Georgina totally changed my life. I was unable to break free of the medication/depression cycle, but I am now off the meds and, although I know it will be a journey, I now have the tools to achieve a degree of content I never thought possible. Thank you so much Georgina!"

Regret or excessive guilt over past events,

Your intense worry and negative thoughts, 

Your sadness and feelings of emptiness,

Chronic feelings of worthlessness,

Crippling indecision, 

Feeling scared about how you feel, 

 Feeling helpless to change your life, 

Fear and panic about the future,

Sleepless nights,

Lack of motivation and energy,

Avoiding people and social situations,
Ashamed of how you are feeling ...


You can stop feeling this way,

You don't have to do this alone,

You can change your life, and I can show that it's possible to....

Release the past and end unnecessary guilt,

End negative and unhelpful thoughts,

Lose old self sabotaging patterns behaving,
 Learn valuable tools for life,

Find meaning and purpose,

Build emotional resilience, 
Create a whole new lifestyle,  
Transform your relationships,

Live life rather than fear it,

Create self awareness.


Because over the past 12 years I have learnt that to be healthy & happy and live without medication or self medicating great change has to happen! 

If you are ready to make this change and move into a future you love then
 look no further...

 I have created a very special 6 week coaching programme where I have taken the key aspects of my own transformational journey!

I am beyond pleased to introduce...  
'Journey To Wellness

A bespoke,  fully supported and guided 1-2-1 coaching program. 

We work closely to help you achieve a happy, healthy and fulfilling life free of medication of self medicating. 

    This programme is RIGHT for you if you know...

YOU WANT TO MAKE serious changes to your lifestyle. 
YOU ARE READY to be challenged and encouraged. 

 YOU ARE READY to speak and own your truth.   

 YOU ARE READY to let go of your story. 

YOU ARE READY to heal.

 YOU ARE COMMITTED to this life changing process  

 ‘Mental wellness is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and soul.’
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I had been to some really dark places in the four months prior to my work with Georgina. Georgina Promised at the first session to make things better. She did this in several sessions and it is something I will always be grateful for. The journey from a dark place to a happy place was made with Georgina's help and support. Thank you so much.

How you feel is a direct reflection of the thoughts in your mind. I will show you 
how it is possible to calm the mind without the need for medication, that you can end the worry and create kind, loving and positive thoughts. 
Gain self awareness and create inner harmony through a process of self
acceptance, forgiveness and letting go of the past. Discover the joy of self empowerment. 
Love yourself from the inside out, connect with your soul through removing
the resistance and inner blocks that prevent you from healing.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself.  

Learn all of the invaluable life changing tools,
strategies and actions which formed my own Journey To Wellness. 

I will show you how to change your life in the exact way I did!

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‘I need to thank you for changing my life. You were kind and compassionate, you enabled me to be fully honest with myself and I felt safe to confront for the first time the shame I was living with as an addict, albeit a high functioning one.

I laughed and cried with you and learnt so much about myself, my flaws and potential. I found my courage to tap into the voice in my head that wanted a
better life for myself and my family. I'm grateful to you for guiding me into this road I am on. As I am in life today I have much better relationships with my family. I can cope with the bad days better than I could before. All my cravings for alcohol have left me and now when I long for escape I reach for healthier self care strategies to ease my feelings, or I have the courage to sit with those feelings’.

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‘Georgina's empathetic, understanding and open-minded approach really made me feel that I was not alone and helped me to work through difficult emotions, find practical solutions to my problems and take steps to improve my physical and emotional health. I really don't know what I would have done without Georgina, she really supported me through a difficult time in my life and I'm incredibly grateful.’

'Georgina has an approach that made me feel instantly at ease, she’s relatable, personable and understanding, an approach that I have never really experienced with various counsellors in the past. I have suffered with episodes of depression anxiety and a great deal of self-doubt. Over time I have found it a struggle to open up to anyone particularly about what I find challenging in my day-to-day life until I met with Georgina two months ago. Our sessions have allowed me to understand some more about myself and to let go of the anxieties in my past stopping me from moving forward. My first session with Georgina, I believe marked the start of truly believing in my worthiness, I now have an appetite back for the things I love again and have confidence in my goals'.

What drew me to Georgina was knowing that she was a survivor in respect to her own mental health, and it was a testimony that she had come out the other side and created a wonderfully happy and successful personal and professional lifestyle. I wanted someone with that positive outlook helping and working with me to aid in my own personal healing. With regards to our work together, Georgina was patient, honest, kind, with some extremely worthwhile, life-changing
techniques which I will continue to use as I move forward in my life. I fully recommend Georgina for anyone who is stagnant, unable to break free from past experiences and who want to live a happy and fulfilling life going forwards.

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 Create your own journey to wellness WITHOUT MEDICATION!

This is a bespoke, fully guided and supported coaching program.

We will work one on one and guide you to a place where you are leading a 
 happy and fulfilling life without the need for medication.

‘Mental wellness is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and soul.’
So, what are the main features and beautiful benefits 
of this personalised and fully tailored coaching programme? 
  • Weekly private sessions one on one. These will be delivered via Skype or phone depending on your preference. What happens in these sessions is based purely on what you need - however there is a specific formula I follow that is proven to work, which is tailored to your individual needs.
  •  Meditation package – after each session you will receive a guided meditation. These are specially designed and produced to support you each week. These meditations are exclusive to my VIP coaching clients (they can not be downloaded as part of any other free or paid program).
I am available to my clients via email, for any urgent support.
  •  Lose old self sabotaging patterns of thinking and behaving. 
  •   Learn valuable tools for life.  
  •   Create a whole new lifestyle.  
  •   Transform your relationships. 
  •   Move into a future you love. 

 Due to the nature of my work and the level of access I provide, I only offer a few spaces each month for new clients. 


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Disclaimer: In undertaking any aspect of self development or one-on-one work with Georgina Lynch I am fully aware that I take full responsibility for all aspects of my mental and physical health. If I have any concerns about my physical and mental wellbeing I agree to seek the advice of my GP or a Psychiatrist.

I fully understand and accept that Georgina is neither a GP or a Psychiatrist and therefore does not offer medical advice regarding my medical treatment. 

I agree to seek the appropriate medical help if I feel I need to and Georgina and I discuss this as a necessary course of action. 

I am fully aware that I follow 'Happy & Healthy without Medication', 'The Wellness Formula Self Development Programme' and the 'One-to-One Intensive Coaching Package' with Georgina under my own free will, and understand that if I have any concerns about the programme I am able to discuss these with Georgina. 
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